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 Commands In Server

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PostSubject: Commands In Server   Commands In Server EmptySun Oct 23, 2011 4:17 am

A lot of people have been asking for this
Keep in mind wherever there is a _ its a space
Keep in mind wherever there is a [] its optional
Keep in mind wherever there is a ;; its usage/etc info.
Keep in mind wherever there is a () you fill in the blank spots with what i say.

For normal players (Mortals):
/register: Starts off when you make your account... registers your account with a password;;Usage: /register_(password)

/login: Every time u reconnect you must login;;Usage: /login_(previously made password)
/changepassword: Changes your current password (currently messed up);;Usage: /changepassword_(previously made pass)_(new password)

/logout: Useless command.. makes you login again;;Usage:/logout

/afk: Marks you as afk;;Usage:/afk;;What people see: (yourname) is AFK.

/help_[number] Lets you see a list of commands

/ignore: Lets you not see player's text;; Usage: /ignore_(playername);;This is a toggle and please don't ignore people for long amounts of time and ignoring staff won't help you.

/me: Lets you talk in a third person kind of thing;;Usage: /me_(message);;What it turns out as: *(yourname) (the message)

/msg_(name): Lets you privately talk with your friends;;Usage: /msg_(playername to send message)_(message)

/tpa_(name): Sends a teleport request to a player;;Usage: /tpa_(playername);;Warning they have to accept with /tpaccept or deny with /tpdeny

/money: Lets you see your money;;Usage:/money

/money_pay: Lets you pay monet to players;;Usage /money_pay_(playername)_(amount)


Using lockette for chests, doors, trapdoors, etc.
1st line: [Private]
2nd line: (yourname)
3rd/4th line: (other names)
or you can get a timer [Timer:(seconds)]
Then on a sign next to it on the first line you can put: [Moreusers]
and then names under it

For chest shops...
Step 1: Put a chest on a wall with a single item stack that you want to sell (can't be 100 different items but can be filled with stacks of 1 item)
Step 2: Put a sign on top of the chest on the wall
The sign will contain;;;;;;
1st: (Yourname)
2nd: (amount you want to sell)
3rd: B (amount for ppl to buy):(amount for ppl to sell to you) S
4th: (Item name)
Step 3: Put a sign as a lockette for your chest...
Step 4: Wait

Note;;; There is a open floor for chest shops on floor 3 in kavatch.
Thats about it for normal players...

For builders:
To spawn items use /i_(itemname)
To use the wand use //wand to get the wand
To select right click and left click 2 blocks selecting a region.
To put everything into the selected region use: //set_(itemname or blockid)
To replace items do //replace_(fromblock)_(toblock)
To undo something //undo
If you accidentally undid something then do //redo

Thats about all the new stuff for builders...
More ranks will be told later on...
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Commands In Server
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